Draug is a new and radical Pagan movement for the 21st century; one that has made common cause with the Aesir – the great and wondrous Gods and Goddesses of Germanic Paganism.

Draug is a proud ally of Wild Hunt Revolution, the last Pagan alliance against the False Gods: Yahweh, God of Monotheists; Mammon, God of Capitalists; and Asphodel, God of Nobodies.

Our chieftain is Thor; the Champion of Asgard, the Bane of Monsters, the Defender of Humanity and Gods.
We follow him now into the coming age of war.

We are not a mere gathering of individuals interested in Norse mythology, Germanic religion, and the Viking Age. If you are one of these hobbyists, larpers, or reconstructionists, then you would be better off amongst the many Heathen or Asatru groups out there.

We are the Draugar.
We are motivated towards higher ends.

In the folklore of Northern Europe, the Draugar were the vengeful dead. Though they were reanimated corpses, they were never thought of as mindless zombies. Something of the soul of the living remained within the body of the draug, which lingered in order to set the record straight with those who had done them wrong in life. 

The Draugar did not rot, though their flesh went that deathly dark colour spoken of by the Norse poets; the colour of the congealed corpse-flesh of Hel, Goddess of Death, and the colour of Odin’s cloak. 

The weight of the Draug was such that the strongest of fighters could scarcely stand against it, and its glare was so terrible that even the stoutest heart would be driven mad with fear under its gaze.

Yes, like much that haunts the folklore of Northern Europe, the Draugar were not loving, forgiving and generous. 

They were very hard work.


This world is cursed. 
This world is fallen and must be rebuilt.
The rulers will do everything and anything they can to make sure that never happens.
We operate in enemy territory.

When the priests of Jesus Christ set out from their desert, when our sacred temples and groves were laid waste, and the idols were struck, the world came crashing down around us, and our Spirit lay wounded in a pit. The priests whispered poison in our ears, and we were sold to monarchs and popes. In lands soaked with feudalism, we were corrupted into populations of slaves serving inbred masters, the chattel of lords, the paranoid masses fearfully bowing before thrones and crosses. We forgot who and what we are, and became a race of peasants rolling in shit; a mob of insane, witch-burning fiends.

After a bitter age of darkness, the thinkers were finally able to prevail, and they proved Christ to be a liar. But this wasn’t the end.

We remain a disturbed species, still suffering from delusions and paranoia. In the west, there can be detected a post-monotheistic trauma haunting the zeitgeist. We live in an empirical, materialistic society that can no longer see Spirit for matter. So fearfully did we run from the darkness brought by God that in our trauma many of us cling desperately to this world of matter and flee from anything resembling religion lest it drag us back to hell once more.

A fierce materialism has gripped the world; materialism accompanied by a hopeless nihilism, ruthlessly endorsed by the relentless beast of capitalism. Today we live in the world of the bankers and the corporate leviathans, their accountants and lawyers, their advertisers, brand managers and marketers, their political puppets surrounded by spin doctors and lobbyists, and all the brainwashed fools on the street who embrace this global cartel as something other than the greatest criminal network in history. This is the world where rich dynasties continue to inherit wealth and power, where oligarchs pay lip-service to the farce they name democracy, and the rest of us live as cattle, here to work and generate wealth for the rulers until the sun goes cold.

Feudalism did not die. It was rebranded.

And we deserve it. For we permit it.

In our present state, the human race is a cosmic embarrassment, and the Gods look upon our folly in disgust. Yet they do not give up on us, for they know how terribly we have suffered at the hands of immense and hostile powers that we do not understand. And while we have forgotten that which we once knew, the Gods remember every detail of our past.

They know just how much agony and destruction could have been averted had Saul of Tarsus simply fallen and broken his neck before he could take the road to Damascus.


While on a perilous journey, Loki and Thor were forced to wade across a great river called the Vimur, which was said by the ancients to be an immense torrent of piss and blood. As they crossed the festering river, it began to rise higher and higher until it threatened to drown them both. But when Thor glanced upstream, he saw the Giantess Gjalp glowering back at him from afar. Squatting, her feet in deep ravines beside the banks, the foul river poured out from between her legs. Thor retrieved a huge rock from the river bed. “A river must be dammed at the source,” he said. With immense strength, he launched the rock at Gjalp, in whom it landed like a cork in a bottle. With a cry she fell back, and the flow ceased.


People think of the world of today as some kind of natural consequence of social evolution and ‘human nature’. In truth, seemingly small and insignificant deeds can accidentally lead to the transformation of the world, for better or worse.

The time has come for further such deeds to occur. The deeds of this age will be the difference between a humanity reborn, or a humanity that becomes but another layer of soil on this Earth; deeds that will either dam the river at the source, or cause the festering river to burst its banks to the ruin of the world. 

Draug heeds Thor every time.

The stakes have never been higher for humanity than in this age.

The Gods themselves will join this fight.

And we have heard their call.

A thousand years has Germanic Paganism lain cold in the mound.
Yet she lay as a Draug.
And now the Draug stirs.

We seek nothing less than to bring about Ragnarok, and raise Balder from Hel’s Hall.


Hail to the Aesir.
Hail to the Vanir.
Hail to the Children of Loki.
Hail to the Witches they fed to the flames.
Hail to the Warriors that fell to the cross.
Hail to those shades who still walk the lands
whose hearts are heavy, whose blood is cold.

Hail to the Earth.