Monotheism and Scientism

You have been told since birth that Midgard constitutes the entirety of existence. But this is a false teaching. Midgard is but a part of the system.

A proper understanding of Midgard is essential if one is to transcend their bestial ‘lower’ nature, and grow into their ‘higher’ nature.

In order to better understand Midgard, one must first understand that which Midgard is not.

The Monotheistic Midgard

According to monotheism, Midgard is the world of “Creation”. It is that which was created by the omnipotent God, he who sits alone outside of creation, eternally separate and infinitely greater than anything created could ever be. This God is ever silent on how he came to exist and how he obtained his infinite powers. This God claims he existed for an infinite amount of time in all his omnipotence, but one day decided to conjure a universe of matter into being. This universe was lesser than he; inferior, base and fallen.

In Abrahamic thinking, Midgard is an oppressive monarchy. All the beings in this universe are bound to serve, obey and worship God, the king of kings, the ruler of all, he who sits upon his throne passing judgement upon each and every soul based upon their submission to his divine law. If he is satisfied with our obedience we will be saved from eternal torment in the flames of hell – a punishment utterly at odds with any conceivable crime. Is God a sadist who created the universe and its inhabitants for his own sick amusement? It certainly seems that way.

Any clear headed person can see that the cosmology of classical monotheism is twisted. Fortunately for everybody, none of it is true. It is nonsense from beginning to end. It is a vicious lie conjured up by treacherous, ambitious men in order to control populations. There is no heaven and hell, and there is no psychopathic creator God. You are not a slave. You are not a fleshy plaything in some cosmic horror story.

You are ice and fire.

You are eternal.

The Cult of Midgard

Science is the observation and study of how Midgard works, and has been most successfully applied to improve medical knowledge, technological advancement, and the overall quality of life on earth. We celebrate science as a divinely noble pursuit, one that has showered humanity with gifts in the last century alone.

Scientism is something very different. Scientism is the name by which we refer to the existential assumptions made by the scientific orthodoxy. Unlike science, scientism is not based on anything real. There is no proof (or even evidence) for its claims, as it is based entirely on the worldview, presumptions, and philosophical ignorance of many scientists, and it pervades the modern zeitgeist like a bad smell.

Because science has so rapidly and successfully furnished humanity with technology, and a hitherto unparalleled knowledge of the physical universe, many now mistakenly treat scientists akin to the modern priesthood of knowledge, the last authority with whom one cannot credibly argue. But scientists only understand matter and space. Physics only offers us a detailed description of Midgard itself, not the existential foundations upon which it has formed.

Scientism is not useful, it is not the fuel that fires the development of technology, or medical science, crucially important things that positively impact humanity at large. All scientism does is breed depression, nihilism and materialism. Unsurprising, as the broad existential assumption of scientism is as follows:

There was nothing. Then there was a big bang, which made there be something. Somewhere along the way, a particular arrangement of mindless atoms gave rise to sentient creatures, among whom arose a race of apes whose vast civilisations and architectural wonders, whose brilliance, genius and creativity were nothing more than elaborate mating rituals. Their only real purpose was to reproduce. They are as dust in an unimaginably vast and uncaring universe that will never be affected by their fate. There is no higher meaning or purpose to this cosmos, it is nothing but a strangely ordered chaos of mindless forces, doomed to eventually fizzle out into a ‘heat death’. In that final end, all that has been will have meant nothing, and all will be devoured by the black maw of time.

Ever wonder why suicide statistics are through the roof in the 21st century?

Since the decline of Christianity, Scientism has grown to become the primary religion of the West. This religion severs humanity’s connection to Spirit, and leaves us anxious, lost, and unfulfilled.

Scientism is the Cult of Midgard. As far as Scientism is concerned, there is nothing beyond Midgard.
Midgard is it. And when you have only Midgard, you have only material comforts to console you before your inevitable and final death.

If you were a capitalist overlord, would you not do all you could to preserve this philosophical paradigm?