There is a fundamental substance from which all things are formed.

The Norse name it Önd, which poetically means ‘breath’, though more accurately means ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’.

This force is the arche – the fundamental substance of everything that exists.

Spirit is the breath of the universe and the blood of nature.

It is the soul of the world; it is life itself.

In the Natural Religion, death is not viewed as the absence of life as there is no such thing as an absence of life. Life is all there is.

For most of human history we have embodied the Natural Religion, and we have seen that death is simply another form of life, a transitional process that Spirit undergoes when it is temporarily severed from a physical vessel.

This severing that follows every lifetime is but a deeper form of sleep. But like the flowers of spring, all shall awaken from that sleep of death and bloom once more.

Ever and anon this thread is spun until an individual soul achieves such power as to at last overcome this cycle.

But more shall be said of the Fruit of Idunn at a later time.