The Terrestrial Temple

“The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls… Their holy places are woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to that hidden presence which is seen only by the eye of reverence.”
– Tacitus, Germania

Ours is a religion of nature, and all the natural world is our temple.

There is no need to build colossal cathedrals and churches, imperious stone buildings clawing desperately at the sky trying to reach heaven. Our sacred places were wrought long ago by Earth herself.

They are those places that remain unblemished by bricks and concrete. They are the forests, plains, mountains, and rivers. They are the quiet places where the birds sing and the leaves whisper. They are the noisy coasts where the roar of the ocean and the wailing of the gulls sets your soul ashudder. They are the cool shadows of the cavern in which you feel yourself retreat into your own skull. They are the wondrous high hilltops upon which you feel your spirit race to the horizon in all directions.

In these places we feel closer to the divine than we ever could in a draughty stone church echoing with the mutters of the pious.

In Germanic Paganism, ‘temples’ are not sacred buildings in the Christian sense of a church. These are not the ‘houses’ of the Gods. The sacred places are found in nature, and the buildings referred to as temples act as dedicated communal centres associated with the true sacred place.

In the 21st century, the average human is alienated from nature, spending most of their time indoors looking at screens, or wandering streets of concrete and paved stone.

The outer world is an extension of ourselves, a part of who and what we are. The modern metropolis is a grim and toxic place, surrounded by wasteland, and shrouded in poisonous smoke. Such places reflect better than anything else the spiritual decline humanity has suffered.

We take what is left of the natural world as our temple, for it is the wondrous product of billions of years of labour; a living, breathing marvel. It is our root, that common origin which binds us all together.

The Natural World is a Goddess. She is Earth; a wondrous sphere of life amid the void.

Every creature is raised by her; all life on this planet descends from the great primordial womb of billions of years ago.

Earth is our great ancestral Mother; the Goddess that unites all the people of this world as one kindred.

If you saw a grinning man in a suit poisoning your mother, what would you do?