The Warrior Spirit

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book Evergreen Trees: The Mythic Spirituality of Draug by Geirulf Odinsson:

The Draugar passionately embrace the Pagan Warrior Spirit that has been neglected and shunned since the reign of Christ. Thus we take Thor, the Divine Warrior, as our chieftain.

To reawaken the Warrior Spirit does not mean we must bear axes and shields; we are not reconstructionists and larpers. Nor does it mean that we must act like aggressive, angry assholes. The Warrior Spirit is a mindset, it is the axe of consciousness. 

It is to see clearly through the fog of lies.
It is to find a cause, and struggle for it, no matter the cost.

It is to embrace wrath, rather than to fearfully reject it.
It is to expertly wield your wrath like a skilled swordsman, and channel its raw power towards the betterment of this world.

When awakened, the Warrior Spirit is that which cannot be tamed.

In the twenty-first century, this accursed age of domestication and materialism, the Warrior Spirit is needed more than ever.

The Draugar look for that spirit within themselves, and seek to use it against the oppressive systems that trample all over our world today.



The Warrior Spirit is the fearless, relentless determination that possessed the Norse warriors when they dared the attempt to halt the approaching menace of the Church and its empire.

Norse mythology is a fearsome beast; a vast and immense emanation of the ancient, hardy spirit of the north. In the cold, dark lands of the ancient Norse, life itself was a constant war against the forces of darkness, and the onset of winter was an annual death threat. They were moulded and hardened by these conditions, imbued with a ferocious determination, the relentless hardiness of the warrior. Today, death is often a far-off thing, a shocking thing, a tragedy. Back then, death was a neighbour. Death haunted every day as a warning finger. The Norse had to be a people unbroken, or else they would have certainly perished. 

The Aesir are steeped in war, and Asgard is like a great light amid a terrible abyss of darkness. The Gods are warriors and commanders, great fighters bearing mighty weapons. Odin is the mighty leader who leads the host of Asgard against the forces of chaos and darkness. The Warrior Spirit itself is exemplified and embodied by Thor, the Mighty One, the Terror of Giants, the Champion of Asgard.

There were times when the mythos showed a preference for the magical qualities of wisdom and knowledge possessed by the Gods, but in times of war, their warlike qualities came to the fore. Much of our current knowledge of Norse mythology comes from the Viking Age, a desperate time of war and upheaval.

In such an age, the Norse warriors had to be like priests of war, an earthly embodiment of the warrior spirit. They dedicated their lives to that blazing inner fire, sanctified and ritualised it. The warrior’s life was sacred. The warrior cults had their own rites, rituals and traditions, they had battle spells, charmed weapons, powerful totem beasts of war, they ritualised the very act of battle in a passionate embrace of the darkness, for in battle they wielded the power of death. To the priests of war, battle was a sacred act, a vivid earthly manifestation of the battle of life and death, the light and the dark. In battle, they became terrible forces of nature.

The soft southern Christian soldier shat himself to behold the terrifying, otherworldly warrior of the north.


Every Norse warrior sought to win renown, to live and die heroically. To live a meaningless life, and to die a meaningless death was their worst nightmare.

Today we live in the age of meaningless lives and meaningless deaths.

In this age, we do not need to take up weapons and fight battles to live heroically. We need simply reject the desire to conform, to shun this need to be validated by people who largely do not know what they are talking about. We need to look at the state of this fallen world and allow it to infuriate us. This fury will fuel the engine of your creative passion which you will wield toward the betterment of this world.

But beware. Fury is a dangerous thing. You must explore it safely. The warrior is the master of their own fury. To be mastered by your fury is to become an animal.

There are great unseen forces in this world, and it is no accident that we today revive the warrior mythology of the Norse, in which the Gods themselves are armed, armoured, and ready for battle. We are a people scattered and divided, a people broken and oppressed. If we are to endure and overcome, we must be hard, fierce, and ready to defend ourselves.

Make no mistake, western civilisation is on its last legs. An age of war approaches. We must be ready, for out of those fires we must emerge ferociously, ready to reclaim that which is ours.


Any and all who hear the call of the Aesir in their heart must cultivate the Warrior Spirit, and feel it burning as a fire within them. This world is governed by chaos, destruction, division, and ignorance. Are we not people of the Aesir, the divine warriors who resist the forces of chaos?

The world of today is not our world.

But we must make it so.

The Draugar seek to become the Hammer on Earth.
We wish to hallow and purify the Earth through the destruction of the profane.


Much, much more will be said of the Warrior Spirit in due time.


Hail Mighty Thor
God of the People
God of Destruction

God of Rebirth