Unnatural Religions

You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God.
–  Exodus 20: 3-5

Yeah, simmer down Yahweh.

We refer to the dogmatic systems promoted by the mainstream religious institutions of the world as unnatural religions, as there is nothing natural about the way in which they spread, nor in how they are practiced.

The deadliest strain of unnatural religion is Abrahamic monotheism, an entity that is responsible for more bloodshed than any other in human history.

When their history is closely examined, the spread of these religions is nearly always shown to have been the result of collusion between corrupt priesthoods or sects, and the political power elite of the time, requiring brainwashing tactics, violence and bloodshed in order for populations to submit to them.

They are sustained over time through generation after generation of brainwashed parents brainwashing their children, who in turn will brainwash their own children, on and on and on, until eventually, under the control of the priests, the collective psyche of societies and peoples becomes utterly entrenched in this unnatural, corrupted form of religion.

The two largest religions in the world, Christianity and Islam, are the most infamous examples of this kind of religion.

A natural, life-affirming spirituality, free from cosmic tyrants, prophets, and dogma can bring growth, fulfilment, strength, a healthy psyche, and a profound sense of personal power. But mainstream religions seek to deny or demean life, and keep people submissive and fearful.

Imagine the terror of the child who cannot sleep for fear that God can hear their thoughts, and might send them to hell if they think sinful things.

Perhaps you do not need to. Perhaps you were such a child yourself.


It is not uncommon in Pagan religions to find a singular essence that pervades all things, a vital principle that gives movement and life to the universe. The Norse called this Önd, the breath, the Spirit. We are all manifestations of Spirit; we and the trees, and the dirt, and the Gods.

In monotheism, this singular unifying essence is personified into a cosmic ruler. He is ‘God’. He is far greater than we, for he is the cosmic monarch whom we must worship, and we must love and fear him in equal measure, obeying his commandments lest he sentence us to eternal damnation in the fires of hell.

Where the Natural Religion cultivates wisdom, strength, will, and growth, the unnatural religions swear by faith, fear, obedience, and static traditions.

Where the Natural Religion evolves with humanity, the unnatural religions fearfully strive to keep humanity in the primitive past via potent brainwashing tactics, and dusty, ancient scriptures like the Bible and the Quran.

These books are supposedly the timeless word of God, yet to the clear-headed reader, they reek of some barbarous age long past.

The unnatural religions label very natural behaviour as sin. The reason Catholic priests are often prolific sexual abusers is because they undergo enforced celibacy, an unnatural and deeply unhealthy restriction upon a very natural, very powerful urge. Faith cannot cure this self-inflicted wound, and so it is left to fester until it culminates in neuroses and perversions.

Sex, intimacy, self-expression, individuality; none of these things are particularly welcome in the unnatural religions. Strictly reproductive sex is treated as a necessary evil, and too much creativity and free thought runs the risk of blasphemy. Like a perfect Orwellian nightmare, God is not only monitoring one’s deeds, but one’s thoughts too. To think sinfully is as bad as behaving sinfully. Monotheistic religions are mind control par excellence.

This is precisely why corrupt regimes love them.

These religions insult nature itself. God is outside of the natural order, and nature is lesser than he, being but a mere creation. According to the Bible, all of the Earth’s resources were created by God to be used by humanity. This kind of thinking we now know to be the recipe for a climate disaster.

We know this because Christianity’s bastard child is perpetrating such an act even as we speak.

Capitalism is the vile spawn of Protestantism, which is the most ‘biblical’ form of Christianity. Through the so-called Protestant work ethic, and the industrial revolution which began in Protestant Britain, capitalism has come to take over the world. And now the very Earth herself groans under the weight of the capitalists’ ceaseless hunger.

People have a tendency to view themselves as something apart from nature, and the rulers still treat it as something that is there to serve their profits.

Bitterly will we pay for their follies.